Flight and Safety Critical Component Manufacturing

With a proven track record built on decades of experience, NWI Precision excels in handling the most intricate and critical machining projects, spanning from engine shafts and helicopter masts to engine thrust links and nuclear containment vessels, using a variety of Inconel alloys. We specialize in skillfully navigating the complexities of high-precision drilling and machining of flight and safety critical cylindrical components, demanding intricate inside and outside diameter features, where accuracy is not just a requirement but a necessity. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our unparalleled engineering know-how and a comprehensive range of in-house capabilities, setting us apart from the competition.


  • Helicopter masts
  • Engine turbine shafts
  • Engine thrust links
  • Nuclear pressure vessel components


  • Inconel
  • Maraging Steels
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel


Oil & Gas



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